There is plenty to do in the area. Here's an introduction.


The cabin is located in Nashua, Iowa. Driving time is about two hours from Des Moines, Dubuque, Iowa City, or other locations in eastern Iowa. This makes it a great weekend retreat.

While some travel destinations are overrun with vacationers, Nashua is mostly a community of lifelong residents. This makes it easier to enjoy the natural surroundings.

For milk, eggs, bread, and other simple grocery items, there is a convenience store about two minutes by car. In addition to food and snacks, they have other kitchen items, paper products, and miscellaneous general store items.

If you’re looking for quick food, a Subway is available in Nashua. If you enjoy golf, Nashua Town & Country Club may be of interest.

There is quite a bit to explore in the Nashua area.


Lakeshore Park

About a quarter mile down the road from the cabin is Lakeshore Park where a public boat ramp is located and network of trails for walking. From the trailhead where the public boat ramp is, it’s possible to see more of the lake. Shown here is a segment of the trail during the fall season with a cover of golden leaves. Below is a photo from the prairie area where the trail loop is.

Nashua Iowa Lakeview Park

Charles City

While most of what you might need is available in Nashua, the drive to Charles City takes about 20 minutes and offers more to discover and enjoy. The Cedar River goes through Charles City, and there is a nice trail along the river for walking or biking. A good spot to access the trail and get food is Pub on the Cedar shown below.

For coffee and pastries you can visit Aromas coffee shop in downtown Charles City. At Plaza Mexico you can get some authentic Mexican food. For groceries, you can visit Hy-Vee and Fareway. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, there’s a farmers market in the town square usually May through October. So, there’s lots to do in Charles City.

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